Ordi Behesht hospital

مستشفی أردی بهشت
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Ordi Behesht hospital

Ordi Behesht hospital has been built with the help of many famous prroffessors and experts in Shiraz Medical Sciences with an area of 22000 mm2, 10000 mm2 Foundation and 100bed capacity which started operation on summer 1382(2003). The hospital is in a green and beautiful region in Chamran Blvd. first bricks were put together about 1987, when Ordi Behehht team gathered and decided to build a hospital, benefiting from modernest sicence and medical standard devices and facilities. All members of the group were among the best-known, proffessors and medicions; whose main goal serving people.

Ordi Behesht hospital has Iso9001-2008 standards and child-frinedly certificate.

Special and subspecial units:

Specialty and subspecialty Ordibehesht hospital,with Qualified and accurate manement, Caring and experienced personnels and 100 Hospital beds; equipped with modern facilities and technologies; includes the following special and subspecial units:

All time emergency and accident center, heart surgery and ICU, CCU and special care for heart diseases, cat lab including angiography and angioplasty, after angiography special  care section, Obstetrics and gynecology and Maternity section, eye section, surgery(plastic, general, reconstructive operations) and urology section, NICU section, eye Excimer laser, orthopedic section, neurosurgery, Otorhinolaryngology, internal medical unit, hemodialysis, Regis scan, endoscopy.

Operation and surgery

The hospital also is capable of following operations with the help of experienced treatment team:

·        Fracture and orthopedy:

Knee/hip/shoulder joint replacement, DHH, congenital anomalies like(clubfoot, knee/shoulder/anle and hip joint arthroscopy, hand transplant, peripheral nerves microscopic surgery, hand operation and microsurgery), operation of post-fracture problems (fracture uniion and unusual fracture union, knee ligaments reconstruction), spinal cord surgery and treating degenerative spinal cord diseases, unequal organ length treatment, increasing organ length

·        Neorosurgery

Children neorosurgery, central nervous system tumors, spinal cord operations(discectomy, fusion and etc.), brain endoscopy has been doing for 10 years to treat hydrocephalus, brain cists, and sometimes brain tumors.

·        General surgery and rhinoplasty- beauty ans plastic surgery

General (breasts and chest  sugery), abdomn, glands, Gastrointestinal and thyroid, reconstructive and beauty surgery (mammoplasty: increase and decrease of breasts and forming them), Abdominoplasty (beauty surgery of abdomen and sides), Lipolysis and Liposuction (Lipomatic and body jet in abdomen, sides and hips and hands), Fat Injection to form breasts and hips

·        Gynecology

Beauty and Reconstructive Surgery of genital system, drooping and looseness of genital system, treatment and surgery of womb, ovary, vaginal, women’s cancers, infertility, closed surgeries (laparascopy), painless childbirth(giving birth in watre, epidoral childbirth with entonox)

·        Otorhinolaryngology

Nose beaty job, ear beauty job, Drooping eyelids, Botox injection, filler injection, face/surgery, chin and cheek/lips beauty surgery

·        Eye surgey

·        Cataract surgery(with laser and lenses, without stitches), vvitreous and retinal surgery with laser, cornea transplant surgery with femtosecond laser, eyebrow and eyelid beauty surgery, strabismus/lucrimal ducts/removable prosthesis planting for blind eyes surgery, surgeries of orbital fracture/lasik and refractive problems/ Keratoconus and Stabilization of the cornea(PRK)/Corneal ring implants and Planting a permanent lens

·        Oral and maxillofacial surgery

Jaw/cheek/nose fracture surgery, sinuses surgery from inside the mouth without any cut on the face, scar and face trace remedy without any traces

·        Cardiovascular Surgery

Adults and children surgeries including Coronary artery bypass, Heart valve surgery, congenital heart disease. Modern method of preparing Saphenous veins of the leg for coronary artery bypass using endoscope and without cutting (endoscopic vein harvesting)

·        Kidney and urinary tract surgery

Reconstructive Surgery of urinary suystem in adults and children, all gravel surgeries using laser or internal surgeries, medical tretment and crusher, reconstructive operations of all congenital problems of urine system, treatment of all urinary system cancers, radical surgery,  simple Removing the prostate, laser and TUR, all treatments and surgeries of men infertility

Active paraclinic units:

·        Radiology:

CT Scan, Mammography, bone Densitometry, Radiography, sonography(doppler, collordopler, normal), routine graphies including simple and colour, all CTs with and without contrast, 3D with Sagittal and Coronal reconstruction.

·        Laboratory and pathology

·        Drugstore

·        Ecocardiography

·        ECG

·        Endoscopy, colonoscopy and etc.

Sleep clinic:

Finding the reason for night insomenia, proper treatments can be found for hypertension, overweight, heart and brain strokes while asleep, morning Lethargy, children hyperactivity, and children lack of growth

Because of adjecency and short distance with persian gulf neighbors countries, the hospital is ready to accept foreign patients.

Hospital classes guide:

The ground floor and courtyard

Information, reception, cash, Iranian accounting, international accounting, call center, radiology and sonography, administrative and personnel, archive and medical documents, conferenceroom, tejarat bank branch, Cat LAB (angiography and angioplasty) emergency, drugstore, laberatory, blood bank, inssurance unit, library, bill unit, education unit, infection control, quality improvement, eye clinic, women clinic, ortopedy, paraclinic and eximer laser unit, information, endoscopy, colonoscopy, health care unit

Proffessional- Public Relations Unit:


Self-service, Tailor House, Laundry, CDDS, drug warehouse, medical devices warehouse, goods warehouse, environmental health unit, feeder

First floor:

General operating room, CCU, heart surgery ICU, east section 1 (post angio), general ICU, IPD unit

Second floor:

·        West unit2(eye professional unit)

·        East unit 2 (orthopedic operation unit, cardiovascular, Otorhinolaryngology, Oral and maxillofacial surgery), administrative office, nurse office, auditing, financial unit

Third floor:

·        East unit 3 (Obstetrics and gynecology)

·        West unit 3(general and reconstructive surgery, beauty and plastic, urology and internal)

·        Infant ICU(NICU)

·        Internal clinic

·        Maternity

·        Regis scan dialysis unit

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